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You Can Make Money by Making & Selling Pearl Earrings and Pearl Jewelry in Your Home or Small Business

DIY (Do It Yourself) Genuine Cultured Akoya Pearl Earrings Business – Make Great Profit from Making and Selling Pearl Earrings from Your Small Business / Home Business / WAH Business


Many people have questions about how to make money from their home... Many ask such questions as:

“How can I use my time, skill (and a little bit of money / investment) to turn a great profit and sell things that I know are good, high-quality and that I can be proud of...?”

Should I sell Avon? Should I sell Mary Kay? Should I sell Herbalife (or other diet plans)? How about those offers for data entry or medical billing or other work from home schemes? Is being a “mystery shopper” real or a scam? Is there anything that is easy and convenient to do from home and make a nice profit? What is a great work-at-home opportunity (WAH job)?”


Have you ever thought of making and selling your own beautiful, high-quality jewelry?


Please consider:


As the world changes we all look for new opportunities to do business and expand our proverbial, monetary “security net”. There are several changes in recent years that have enabled small business's, home business's and individuals working at home to make good profits.

Recent trade agreements have allowed more and more smaller-sized business's to take advantage of various international importing and trade opportunities. Just a few years ago it was unheard of for a soccer mom or an Etsy / Ebay shop owner to think about doing international business (they would have to buy from an American distributor or importer). However the times have changed. In fact, many goods do not require an importer or an import license but can simply be shipped via FedEx, EMS etc.


Also, the fact is that more and more people are thinking about “buying locally made products” - whether from the local farmers market or from the local craft-shop. These facts coupled with people more and more readily choosing to buy items either made by or recommended by their friends leads to great business opportunities for home businesses (this is closely linked to a phenomena called “word of mouth marketing” or “grass-roots marketing” that currently both large and small businesses successfully employ).


So, now that I know that I can easily receive some types of factory-direct goods from other countries via regular mail and express shipping companies, and that I can sell to my friends and neighbors... What is a good, fun and interesting product that I can be proud of selling to those I know well and care about...?”


THE FACTS – You Can Make Good Money by Making & Selling Pearl Earrings and Pearl Jewelry in Your Home or Small Business


How can I make money making and selling pearl earrings?”

Glad you asked.
The current retail price for a pair of AAA-rated Akoya pearl earrings ranges
from $700+ to $125 (2016 prices per pair of AAA, 7-7.5mm, Akoya stud earrings).
These pearls are the same type of pearls (cultured Akoya pearls) that are sold wholesale by Bigwell Wholesale Pearls - our prices ranging from $18 to $12 (2016 prices per pair of AAA, 7-7.5mm, Akoya wholesale, matched earring pairs).
(Please note: Bigwell Wholesale Pearls has an MOQ [minimum order quantity] of 20 pairs, or 40 pearls sold in matching sets.)
(Please note: pearl trading prices fluctuate so please contact us for current pricing.)
How can I make money making and selling pearl earrings?
How can I make money making and selling pearl earrings?


Wow !?!?! That looks very interesting... But I would only be buying the pearls and not pearl earrings... not pearl “jewelry”!”

Yes, however, thanks to Etsy, and other B2B and B2C and C2C platforms you can also purchase the earring studs and other earring backs, clasps etc. and make your own, custom pearl jewelry.


What are the prices for earring studs / backings / clasps so I can make my own pearl earrings?”

Well, there are many options. We at Bigwell Wholesale Pearls like the simple things in life and simple beauty... So, we prefer the beauty and simplicity of the classic pearl stud-earring. (Of course, you can make your own more elaborate and beautiful creations as you like and buy fancier earrings to place your pearls on.)

(please note that the above prices are from random suppliers we found and in no way are linked to our company, they are presented here for reference only and are subject to change)

Where to buy pearl earring backs?
Where to buy pearl earring backs?


Ok, now I know I can get beautiful, high-quality pearls and I have earrings to place the pearls on, but I do not have the glue to attach the them together. What types of glue can I use to attach my wholesale pearls to my earrings so I can create my own, beautifully designed jewelry and sell for profit?”

Again, there are several options. The most popular and easiest to buy is the commonplace “Super Glue”. However, Loctite and Krazy Glue are also available online. After that it is a simple process of getting a clean, quiet place to sit down and apply the glue with a small / precise applicator, then holding the pearl in place for several seconds and finally setting the earring in a safe place to cure/dry fully (typically 1 to 24 hours most glues will fully cure).
What kind of glue should I use for making pearl jewelry?
What kind of glue should I use for making pearl jewelry?


"China !?!?! I prefer to buy in the USA !!!"

No worries, there are currently absolutely no Akoya wholesale pearls that are made in the USA (Please note – Tennessee has some Freshwater Pearls that are sold as souvenirs from their tourist-oriented pearl farms, but these are not the same type used for luxury jewelry). Additionally, fact is, nowadays the USA exports more and more to China as well (we love to eat American chicken feet, no seriously, America exports large quantities of frozen chicken feet to China...).
Anyhoo...The fact is, the world is changing – whether we like it or not – so we need to be reasonable and realize there are some things that we need to import (and export) due to the different opportunities each country has. Of course, in any location, supporting our local economy is always a good idea when possible.


Ok... But now I am concerned that I may buy pearls from a “sweat-shop” or from a place where the workers are treated harshly. Can you give me some details about the pearl farms there and the working conditions for the workers?”

Sure. The pearl industry is run by locals (both men and women run and manage the pearl farms). Pearls farms in China are not Chinese government-run enterprises and they are not big international corporations that oppress their workers trying to squeeze more profits at every opportunity. The owners, workers and sellers are all local families that have a long history of being respected and trusted by the local community.
It is noteworthy that the workers at our pearl farms are paid and treated much better than international laws require. Of course, there are different living standards when you compare USA to China – so at first sight you may think something is not “fair”. But also think of the living standard differences you see when you go to a USA farm and see the farm-owner and compare his salary and living standards to the hired workers (migrant workers etc.) that pick vegetables in the hot summer sun.
The truth is the workers at the pearl farms in China are treated well and have a life that in many ways is better than farm workers in the USA (they are in their hometowns, they are with their families, they do not need to travel far for work, their salaries are higher than the local average salary). Is it perfect...? No, but when taking into consideration the local cost of living, it is no worse or more “harsh” than farming jobs in the USA.


Can I come visit the pearl farm to see for myself?

Yes, by all means. We common Chinese are a very humble and loving people (just as the common American is...). We love to invite people to our country and hometowns (and our pearl farms...). Please note, that of course there are differences in culture and living standards but we are sure you will enjoy your visit and you can see how we culture beautiful Akoya Pearls.
(Nearby hotels: Sunny Bay Hot Springs Resort is a 4-star resort)


OK, so now I have an interesting opportunity to make money from home that I can take pride in and not be ashamed to sell to my friends, neighbors and clients... But how can I be sure that I get the best pearls possible?

You are “one smart cookie”. Before doing business it is always wise to get all the information, do the necessary research and protect ourselves from scams, unwise or rushed decisions etc (the recent catch-phrase: “due diligence” is applicable here)...



So, here is how you tell the quality (and see the reason for cost differences) of a pearl:

Types: Akoya Pearls, Freshwater Pearls & South Sea Pearls (Akoya is what we produce and sell. Akoya pearls are famous for their luster and their use for luxurious pearl jewelry. Akoya is a Saltwater pearl and has the longest history in the pearl industry for cultivation of fine jewelry.) (Please click the links to learn more about Akoya, Freshwater and South Sea Pearls.)
Size: Pearl Earrings are usually 6.5 to 7mm or 7 to 7.5mm, however sometimes other sizes – both larger and smaller are desired
(Typically – all other things equal – a larger pearl is more expensive than a smaller-sized)
Luster: The unique luster of pearls depends upon the reflection, refraction, and diffraction of light from the translucent layers. The thinner and more numerous the layers in the pearl, the finer the luster.
(Typically – all other things equal – the more “shiny” or “radiant” the more valuable...)
Surface: This is a physical description of the pearl surface.
(Typically – all other things equal – the more “smooth” and the size of the area “smooth” the more valuable...)
Rating: A, AA and AAA – an overall rating of the pearl.
Most pearl dealers use the A, AA, AAA grading system (with AAA being the highest grade and A being the lowest), although some use a combination of this system and the A-D system (with A being the highest grade and D the lowest).
(Please note: A, AA and AAA are not official ratings, but have become an “unofficial” industry standard. Additionally, some sellers have decided – on their own – to add a “+” so that they will say “AAA+” or “AA+” this looks nice and is good for marketing, but the “+” is not recognized by most industry professionals, so please use caution with such marketing “tricks”.)






Near round

Mostly round

Perfectly round






less than 75% clean

more than 75% clean

more than 95% clean


.25 to .35 mm thick

.35 to .5 mm thick

over .5 mm thick




Very good

A Quick Note about Advertising Rules and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). (link to ftc website here)
You are required to tell consumers if the pearls you're selling are cultured or imitation. Your ads should not use the word pearl - by itself - unless the advertised product consists only of natural pearls. If the product contains cultured pearls, the word "cultured" or "cultivated" - or a synonym - should immediately precede the word pearl.
A statement that discloses only the type of cultured pearl you're selling - for example, freshwater, South Sea or Akoya pearls - does not comply with the requirement. Instead, say that the pearls are cultured: cultured freshwater pearls, South Sea cultured pearls or Akoya cultured pearls. If the product contains imitation pearls, use the word "artificial," "imitation," "simulated," or a synonym immediately preceding the word pearl.
Some black, bronze, gold, purple, blue and orange pearls, whether natural or cultured, occur that way naturally; others are dyed through various processes. You are required to tell consumers whether colored pearls are naturally colored, dyed or irradiated.”
(Please note – many companies [including large, successful corporations] are misleading and do not say that their pearl jewelry is from “cultured” pearls – when it actually is cultured pearl jewelry. This is in fact lying to the customer and bad business. They should be ashamed and they could be prosecuted for false advertising.)


Great ! I am thinking more seriously about this... Are there any extra costs that I am not aware of... like importing fees etc.? Will I have to hire a company to “import” my Bigwell Wholesale Pearls for me?

No. No extra or hidden fees.
There are no taxes and no importation fees etc. (for the USA – and most other countries) and you do not need to hire an importer. The pearls will be simply shipped via FedEx, EMS etc...
(The SINO-US Free Trade Agreement states that there are no taxes levied and no extra customs clearance that would require you to need an importer – FedEx and EMS will handle all of the needed customs clearance.)


Sweet ! However, I know whether I give this as a gift or sell via Ebay, Etsy, etc... I will need some sort of packaging. Any suggestions for that?

Well, we leave that part up to you... That is part of the fun after all... and to be honest the possibilities are infinite...
There are many cute boxes, tin containers, that resemble traditional packaging or you may decide to be cute and inventive when packaging. (see here, here, here, here for ideas or here is a standard jewelry box for earrings... Having a beach wedding? Here is a great gift-box for the bridesmaids – along with your own, hand-made Akoya cultured pearl earrings...)
However, once you start this business and you start to make more profit and have larger orders... you may decide you would like some custom-made, high-quality packaging. You can search locally or contact us for references in China that can ship to the USA. Please contact us for more details.


How about shipping costs ?”

Looking forward to talking with you... Shipping from China is about $40 USD – depending on the shipping company, weight and if insurance etc. is purchased.


Let's do this ! What are the steps for making and order of wholesale Akoya Pearls?

Looking forward to talking with you... You can find the general steps here...
(Please note: Standard colors for Akoya Pearls are: White, Cream and Dyed Black)



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