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How Akoya pearl oysters grow up...

How Akoya pearl oysters grow up...

Artititcally showing how Akoya pearl oysters grow up... Growing Akoya pearls.



Inspection Sorting and Pairing Akoya Pearls

 Inspection Sorting and Pairing Akoya Pearls


最大的中国南珠(真珠)养殖加工基地--广东省湛江市, 徐闻县是南珠(海水真珠)主要的产区,大井村被誉为中国真珠第一村。

Bigwell Cultured Pearls Ltd, Minsheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd  are specialized in

cultivating, processing and exporting Akoya pearls abroad.

Bigwell Sorting & Pairing Pearls

How pearls are "paired" for earrings etc...




bigwell sorting pairing akoya pearls



The ideal pearl pair is matching pearls that are sorted according to size, luster and quality. The ideal shape is perfectly round (or possibly other symmetrical shapes) and smooth. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty since the dawn of time... Just like paring a good wine with a good meal... we find the best match when pairing pearls...

Setting the seed / nucleus


Bigwell seeding the nucleus... (open wide little clammy ! ! ! Say "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!)

       南珠年产量约10,000 公斤;规格直径6-6.5mm;6.5-7mm;7-7.5mm;7.5-8mm;8--8.5mm。

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